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Pastors Resource:

We are available to assist you and your Outreach Staff with developing an effective response to your individual church needs that arise from a homeless related issue.

Historically, when a need arises from someone appearing to be homeless that arrives at a church, funds are handed out or a motel room is paid or some other financial assistance is given and sadly in most cases with no process in place other than to meet the immediate need.

Allow us to work with you and your staff to develop a uniformed response with the long term goals for the individual or family in need to help them resolve the homelessness issue they are faced with. In the process, we can share ideas as well as educate your team on available resources and proven responses that will help address this growing issue.

So many times churches limit themselves to handouts and meals with no real plan in place for helping those in crises or helping resolve the issues that can arise from those dealing with homelessness.
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