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Our History:

In 2010 Fort Worth natives John and Janet Ramsey moved their family back to Fort Worth after living in Florida for several years. Once back they visited a Wednesday evening pot luck meal that a church provided. After visiting with a few homeless that attended the meal, they began volunteering and assisted serving.​


Over the next several months, they collected and distributed needed items among the homeless that attended. Through Facebook they began reconnecting with old friends and through their pictures and postings of the meal, several of John's high school friends also began to volunteer on Wednesdays. John and Janet began discussing with these friends their desire to do more than just provide a meal or provide handouts but instead, work to help the individual leave the street behind and the forming of Tarrant County Hands of Hope began.​


All three of our Board of Directors have known each other over 40 years and each have the same desire to do great things for those in need, that and with the involvement of several of their friends from their high school days who had also reconnected, Hands of Hope was formed and became a full-time street outreach to the unsheltered homeless and an approved 501(c)(3) charity.  

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