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Board of directors:

Executive Director

President / CEO

John Ramsey

John has over 20 years experience in the law enforcement, security and private investigations fields.  In addition he has held executive positions in the corporate insurance industry and has an extensive background in sales. John was born and raised a pastors son in Fort Worth and has a true talent for being able to connect with people from all walks of life.  He and his wife Janet have been together for over 20 years, they have two children.


Executive Vice President / COO

Gina Nelson Lambert

Gina and her Husband Jimmy have been in the construction business for 30 years and are the founders of J Lambert Custom Homes, building Custom Estate Homes for the last 17 years creating one-of-a-kind Award Winning homes for clients in Southlake, Keller and Montserrat in Fort Worth.   

Gina and her husband have been married for over 30 years and have 2 married sons and a beautiful grandchild. They are both life residents for the area and have a true desire to help those most in need. 


Ron Caskey

Dr. Caskey has over 30 year's experience as a trusted financial professional. Over the past three decades, he has helped scores of valued clients create, protect, and distribute wealth in an effort to greatly enhance their overall quality of life. He lives with his wife Jeannine in Firestone, Colorado. They have raised 5 kids and have 9 grandkids.

Ron is a sought after speaker and trainer for wealth building seminars around the country, and he is also the host of the popular "Ron Caskey Show" - a financial services radio show airing every Saturday morning at 11AM (MDT) on 1060 AM, 610 AM, 1450 AM, 1580 AM, and 1360 AM. His "Bible Views" Radio Show is a one hour show on Sundays that covers everything the Bible has to say about Riches, Wealth, Abundance, and Prosperity, borrowing, lending, gambling, investing, saving, and stewardship of God's money. These shows are now on Internet Radio and the Global American Satellites that cover the entire country.

Vice President / CFO

Janet Ramsey

Janet has nearly 20 years insurance industry background with experience in commercial audits, new business, renewals, company endorsements and dealing with workers compensation and general liability as well as quality and control issues, an investigative background working in the credentialing field for health care insurance. 
Janet was born in Illinois and raised in Texas, Janet and her husband John have been together over 20 years and have two children.

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