Drifter's Story

Drifter is the dog we found as a very young puppy while searching for a remote homeless camp. When we first came across him, he was sleeping next to a deceased puppy about his size - each time we approached he would growl, bark and run away when we tried to get close to him, then return to the deceased puppy. We returned the following day and after spending over an hour of time and a package of sandwich meat, we were able to coax him close enough to catch him - He has since become the mascot of Hands of Hope as well as our symbolic spokesman for our Pets of the Homeless pet food and supply campaign and is right at home as the newest member of the Ramsey family!

- The pictures of that day are below - 

We have a daily need for dogfood

as well as dog treats! 

If there is a pet at a campsite we visit - We will always leave food and water if we have it with us and if they are in need.

For each new dog we meet, we give treats to leave a positive memory of us for our next visit!

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