Tarrant County Hands of Hope provides street outreach services for the unsheltered homeless of our area.

Our primary goal is to reach out to the unsheltered homeless individuals who are living in locations unfit or unintended for human habitation, who have perhaps tried some type of program in the past that did not work for them and they have simply given up and decided to make the best of their situation, or perhaps have never attempted to reach out for help or are simply unaware of any such programs. Once located we work to build a friendship based on trust and through that friendship, we work to identify the root-cause of their homelessness and then assess their situation in order to attempt to connect them with the proper agency or organization with an appropriate program to help them. In addition we attempt to reach out to their family - all with the intent of helping them leave the street behind 



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Tarrant County Hands of Hope is an

approved 501(c)(3) charity